The EU Agency for the Cooperation of Energy Regulators has adopted five decisions that are very important for securing the operation of cross-border exchange in the capacity calculation region (Core CCR, to which Poland belongs) and the region of south-eastern Europe. The decisions include the rules to be applied by the transmission system operators (TSO) of the above-mentioned regions to achieve cost-effective coordination of remedial actions.

The decisions concern three areas: safe operation of transmission and distribution networks, minimization of costs of transmission operators and implementation of the principles of more equitable distribution of costs related to the elimination of network congestion (this applies to the costs of redispatching and counter-purchasing).

Two of the decisions in question establish the methodology for regional operational security coordination of ROSC in capacity calculation regions of Core and South East Europe. Another decision establishes a coordinated redispatching and counter purchasing methodology, called the RDCT methodology. The last two decisions adopted relate to the redispatching and counter-purchasing cost sharing methodology for Core and South East Europe capacity calculation regions.

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