According to the announcement issued by PSE: transmission system operators of the Baltic States and Poland submitted on Tuesday, May 26 this year. joint application for funding from the Connecting Europe Facility (CEF). Polish Power Grid Companies, Litgrid (Lithuania), AST (Latvia) and Elering (Estonia) apply for support for the implementation of the so-called the second stage of synchronization. It includes construction of Harmony Link, an undersea connection between Poland and Lithuania. The funds will also be allocated to synchronous compensators, development of the transmission infrastructure and IT systems that will allow connecting the Baltic States with the Continental Europe system.

Four countries applied for a total of 1.2 billion euros, of which Lithuania for 462 million euros, Latvia 100 million euros, Estonia 111 million euros and Poland 521 million euros. European Union funds are one of the necessary elements of the Baltic States synchronization project.

CEF is an EU instrument for implementing investments of European significance. In 2018, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia, as part of a joint application, received EUR 323 million from CEF for the development of transmission networks. In 2019, PSE and Litgrid received 10 million euros in funding from this instrument for activities implemented as part of the preparation phase of the Harmony Link project. Further support from the CEF mechanism for the synchronization program will provide historic support for the Baltic electricity markets.

In addition to building new infrastructure between countries, the implementation of the second phase of synchronization will contribute to strengthening the integration of electricity markets in the region and creating new opportunities for their participants. Synchronization is also important from the point of view of developing a common European electricity market and increasing energy security in the region.

The synchronization of the Baltic State’s power systems with the Continental Europe system is planned in 2025.

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