On Thursday, during a joint meeting of the Committee on National Economy and Innovation, Extraordinary for Climate and Environment, the amendment to the RES Act was considered, which changes the current system of billing for energy with prosumers. The committees, despite the appeals of the deputy minister of climate and the environment, Ireneusz Zyska, recommended that the act be rejected in its entirety.

Earlier, the committees of economy and environment wanted to introduce amendments to the law concerning the so-called umbrella renewable energy projects run by local governments. According to the proposal, persons who by the end of March 2022 will conclude a contract for the purchase or installation of renewable energy micro-installations with a local government unit or with another entity implementing a project co-financed under the regional operational program, will settle energy accounts on the current terms, i.e. with discounts. These changes were agreed with the government, and their introduction was to dispel doubts that the change of the settlement system would negatively affect the “umbrella” projects, and their beneficiaries would start to withdraw from them.

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