According to the latest report prepared by the Energy Regulatory Office, containing collective information on electricity generated from a renewable energy source in micro-installations (including by prosumers) and introduced to the distribution network in 2020, the volume of electricity introduced to the grid from micro-installations increased more than threefold. Almost 98.5% of this energy was produced by prosumers in photovoltaic installations. The total amount of electricity introduced to the power grids by producers in micro-installations in 2020 was 1.15 TWh.

Last year, electricity was generated in almost 460,000 micro-installations, and their total installed capacity was over 3 GW. The largest number (almost 459 thousand) were micro-installations using solar radiation (PV) energy. There were only 493 other micro-installations using other renewable sources.

Prosumers exploited 452 thousand. from 459 thou. all micro-installations, introducing slightly more than 1.1 TWh of electricity into the distribution networks.

In 2020, there was also a 17% increase in the share of the amount of electricity introduced to the grid by prosumers in the total amount of energy transferred to the grid by all producers in micro-installations. This share grew in the following years, from almost 78% in 2018, reaching over 95% at the end of 2020.

The largest part of prosumer micro-installations was connected to the networks of PGE Dystrybucja (approx. 154 thousand) and Tauron Dystrybucja (approx. 142 thousand). The third place in terms of the number of connected prosumers was taken by Energa-Operator (almost 87 thousand micro-installations).

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