On December 10-14, the second auction this year for a cogeneration bonus (Combined Heat and Power, CHP) for the sale of electricity generated in new cogeneration units or in significantly modernized units (all with an installed capacity from 1 to less than 50 MW) was held. . The maximum amount of electricity that could be included in the premium in this auction was 14.3 TWh, and the maximum – over PLN 2.7 billion.

As a result of the auction, the cogeneration premium covered nearly 2.4 TWh of electricity, which is approx. 17% of the volume that can be supported. The value of the bonus indicated in the offers amounted to approx. PLN 130 million, while the value of the bonus adjusted for investment aid obtained for the construction of the unit (bonus to be paid out) – approx. PLN 95 million (3.5% of the support available). New cogeneration units with a total installed electrical capacity of over 21 MW were supported. The premium for these units will be paid in the years 2022–2038.

Six bids were submitted in the auction, five of which were the winners. In the auction, the rule of “forced competition” was applied, according to which the auction was won by participants whose bids did not exceed 100% of the value or amount of electricity specified in the auction announcement and 80% of the amount of electricity covered by all bids.

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