Krzysztof Kubów, government plenipotentiary for the hydrogen economy and head of the prime minister’s political cabinet, participated on Thursday in the VI Energy Congress held in the capital of Lower Silesia, where he pointed out that green hydrogen is the direction in which European countries want to develop. He also pointed out that the European Union will support projects related to green hydrogen to a much greater extent, but stressed that Poland needs a just transformation, which would take into account the fact that 75% of energy in our country comes from coal.

The minister informed that, as part of the Interministerial Governmental Team for Hydrogen Management, by the end of October, a strategy for the development of the hydrogen economy by 2030 will be created. It will provide some foundations for the hydrogen law to be developed in 2021, taking into account on the agenda at the beginning of next year in the European Union.

Kubów mentioned that the strategy will set goals that will cover three areas: industry, energy and transport, and added that the Ministry of Climate will also include solutions related to the hydrogen economy in the offshore act. According to the head of the prime minister’s political cabinet, the development of the hydrogen economy in Poland must take place in close cooperation with local governments.

Additionally, the minister pointed out that hydrogen buses can be a good alternative to electric ones. He announced that the government plans to subsidize the first several hundred hydrogen buses and that the state will want to subsidize hydrogen refueling stations. By 2025, several dozen are to be built.

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