As the Ministry of Funds and Regional Policy reminds, the National Reconstruction Plan (KPO), in accordance with EU regulations, will include investments and reforms aimed at rebuilding and increasing the resilience of economies after the coronavirus pandemic. The Reconstruction Plan will allow us to reach for funds from the Reconstruction Fund, under which we will have approximately EUR 57 billion at our disposal, including approximately EUR 23 billion in non-repayable funds and EUR 34 billion in the form of loans. The European Commission directed part of the funds: 37% will have to go to the environment, 20% to digitization.

The ministry assures that work on the reconstruction plan is advanced. Project proposals from ministries and regions were collected and analyzed, which allowed for a broad overview of the investment needs in our country. Proposals for economic reforms have also been collected, but it is still too early to talk about specific investments. The ministry will provide more details at the end of February when KPO consultations begin. The document will be handed over to the European Commission with a specified deadline, ie by the end of April.

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